Mortgage application form

    Are you employed or entitled to benefits?

    • Two most recent payslips
    • Employer’s statement (type of employment contract, years of service, duration, annual salary and position)
    • Tax return of last calendar year

    Are you self-employed? Autónomo ZZP

    • Letter from the accountant (company details, confirmation of invoicing and company profits over the last 2 years)
    • Self-employed tax return for the last two years
    • Annual accounts past two years

    Other (after first assessment)

    • Proof of other source of income
    • Credit report BKR and Experian
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months

    Amount of the mortgage
    60% to 70% of the lowest value to non-residents
    80% of the lowest value to tax residents

    The bank considers you to be a fiscal resident if you can submit a first income tax assessment in Spain!

    On these documents we need the details of both partners.

    We will assess your supplied information critically and then make a personal recommendation on the likelihood of a mortgage in Spain.

    When we apply for the mortgage with 3 banks, we calculate a percentage of 2% of the total amount excluding 21% iva.
    Our bank staff will then contact you in your own language so that no misunderstandings can arise.

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